Academic Publications

Mr Akhtar has published research work in international plastic and cosmetic surgery  journals and have also been invited to be a reviewer 

 for the British Medical Journal and Head and Face Medicine. he has also been invited to right book chapters in a number of highly regarded text books.

The following list outlines his publications in chronological order


An unusual self inflicted burn in an asthmatic patient

Burns 2003; 29: 191-192 - Akhtar S. Majumder S


Recurrent Wilms tumour presenting as bilateral pneumothoraces

European Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2003; 23: 645-646 - Gordon J. Akhtar S. Thorpe A


Video physiotherapy for hand surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2004; 114(5): 1351-2 - Hasham S. Akhtar S. Southern S.


Cellular Neurothekeoma, an unusual soft tissue tumour in the arm of a child

BJPS 2004; 57(6): 572-574 - Akhtar S. Coldewey J. Timmons M.J.


Our early experience in the use of tissue glue to reduce the incidence of seroma formation from the latissimus dorsi flap donor site

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2005; 116(1): 347-8 - Akhtar S. Spyrou G. Fourie L.


Management and referral for trigger finger

BMJ 2005; 331(7507): 30-3 - Akhtar A. Bradley MJ. Quinton DN. Burke FD


Neuropraxia of the ulnar nerve during carpal tunnel decompression

Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons 2005; 87(3): 152-4 - Akhtar S. Pratt JA. Sinha S


The ‘Skin Substitute jacket’ – innovation and ideas

Burns 2005; 31: 248-250 - Hasham S. Akhtar S. Kandawala R. Phipps A.R.


Chondrodermatis Nodularis Helicis: a simple adjunct to a surgical and non-surgical approach

Annals of Plastic Surgery 2005; 55 (5): 557 - Conroy FJ. Whitaker IS. Akhtar S. Dyer-Smith R. Stanley PRW


Use of Integra to resurface tissue defect following necrotising fascistic

Burns 2006; 32:251-254 - Akhtar S. Hasham S. Phipps A.R


Vac Garment – Method to aid application of a vacuum assisted dressing

Annals of Plastic Surgery 2006; 56: 700 - Akhtar S. Gamage LBA. Majumder S


Persistent seroma following breast prosthesis exploration: case report and review

European Journal of Plastic Surgery 2006; 28: 490-493 - Hasham S. Akhtar S. Southern S.


Striae distensae in the tissue-expanded arm Annals of Plastic Surgery 2006; 57(2): 240 - Chan W.Y, Akhtar S, Phipps A.R


Study to outline the efficacy and illustrate techniques for steroid injection for trigger finger / thumb

Postgraduate Medical Journal 2006; 82(973): 763-6 - Akhtar S, Burke FD


 A technique to facilitate accurate and atraumatic tendon repair

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2007 Apr 15; 119(5): 1629-30 - Akhtar S. Majumder S. Southern S


A novel tension-reducing suture to protect the T-junction after reduction mammaplasty

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2007 Apr 1; 119(4): 1386-7 - Akhtar S. Whitaker IW. Fourie L


A technique to facilitate symmetrical and atraumatic placement of the core suture during flexor tendon repair          

JPRAS 2007; 60(4): 447-9 - Akhtar S. Burke FD


Digital immobilisation – A cheap and easy solution
Journal of Hand Surgery [Eur]. 2007 Oct; 32(5): 593-4 - Pinder R. Akhtar S, Peach AH


Compartment syndrome following metacarpal neck fracture

The Internet Journal of Hand Surgery 2007.1(2) - Singh R, Akhtar S, Majumder S.


A case of Sarcoidosis occurring in an extensive burn scar

JPRAS 2007; 60(11): 1256-1259 - Usmani N. Akhtar S. Long E. Phipps A. Walton S


Study to assess whether grade of surgeon performing procedure has any impact on outcome following CTD

Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons. 2007 November; 89(8): 785–788 - Akhtar S. Sinha S. Bradley M. Burke FD. Wilgis S.E.F. Dubin N.H


Compensation claims and carpal tunnel decompression.

Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons. 2008 Nov; 90(8): 714-5 - Storey PA, Akhtar S, Bradley MJ, Kay NR, Lindau T, Burke FD.


Easy pullout suture  - Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2009 May; 29: 261 - Saleh D. Akhtar S. Foo I


Primary eccrine porocarcinoma of the finger with transit forearm and axillary metastsis

Annals of Plastic Surgery Apr 2011; 66(4): 344-346. - Bhat W, Akhtar S, Kotwal A, Platt A


Waste not, want not  - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Sept 2010; 126(3): 140-141  - Bhat W, Akhtar S, Akali A


Pregnancy in the early stages following DIEP flap breast reconstruction – a review and case report

JPRAS Nov 2010; Vol. 63, 11, e782-e784 - Bhat W, Akhtar S, Akali A


Breast augmentation with implants following previous enhancement with Macrolane filler injections

Aesthetic plastic surgery 2011 - Bhat W, Akhtar S, Akali A


Fingertip necrosis in a six year old child with primary Raynaud’s phenomenon

Journal of Hand Surgery May 2012; vol. 37, 4: 363-365 - Bhat W, Akhtar S, Knight SL


A further modification - The four strand single knot modified Kessler stitch

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dec; 2012130(6): 922-923 - Bhat W, Akhtar


Sclerosing perineuroma in paediatric fingers: a rare distinct and under-recognised entity

JPRAS 2014, Vol 67(8): 1161-1162 –Bhat W, Akhtar S, Teoh VBourke G


Chronic Paronychia in a hairdresser

Occupational medicine(in print) – Allouni A, Yousif A, Akhtar S


Surgical Excision margins for melanoma in situ

JPRAS March 2014; Vol. 67(3): 320-323 Akhtar S, Bhat W, Magdum A, Stanley PRW


Study to assess outcome after open and closed carpal tunnel decompression

Annals of Plastic Surgery – in print – Akhtar S. Bradley M. Burke FD


Considerations and principles of soft tissue cover of the hand

Orthopaedics and Trauma August 2014; Vol.28(4):236-243


Book Chapter

'Upper Limb Overgrowth' book chapter co authored with Professor Simon Kay. This is published in 'Disorders of the Hand' (Editors Ian Trail and Andrew Flemming)


‘Soft tissue inflammatory disorders’. This is to be published in the ‘Oxford Textbook of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’ (Editors Simon Kay, Daniel Wilks, David McCombe). In process.